It’s not to late (or early) to get published!

I have heard, quite frequently, people talking about being too old to get published. Apparently, floating around somewhere out there is an unwritten rule (in people’s heads) that they are too old to become published or famous. There have been so many stories about people not becoming published or noticed until later in life anyway, that I believe this is just people’s fears holding them back from trying. If you are wondering where I am finding my sources about people saying these things (about being too young or too old) try going up to a younger person, high school or early college, or a more elderly person and ask them what they believe they are capable of. You might get a few who are extremely sure of themselves, but from my personal experience, I have heard unsure-filled answers from both ends. People use their age as an excuse to not try. “Oh, I’m too young” or “I’m way too old” is what hits my ears.
There are so many stories about people; young and old, who have defeated the odds. But I want to give an example of a lady I actually know who just got published. She is a little older than my parents and honestly, I wasn’t even aware that she was trying to write a book, but she sent a copy of her book to me personally asking me to read it. I am, at the moment, busy, but my mom began to read it. It isn’t fiction, actually it’s spiritual and more of a bible study, but still, this woman who has never been published before, never really had any experience, just had a book published. I have no idea how many times she tried and was turned down, but she made it, and I believe we can too!


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