Bride- The Queen of Little Girl’s Dreams

Last summer my fiance and I went to a “friend’s” wedding.  She was a girl who attended my fiance’s church growing up. She was a beautiful bride with her pure white dress and perfect makeup and hair, but her personality dimmed the look.  She was focused on her particular friends and only them.  She didn’t go around and talk to guests, and the main thing my fiance and I saw was that she blatantly ignored the young girls there who would stop and stare at her.  

After we left the wedding, my fiance was quiet and then suddenly said, “Why would she ignore the little girls? Doesn’t she know that they  want to be just like her when they grow up?  Doesn’t she know that they look up to her and were watching her the entire time, hoping she’d notice them?”

His comment stuck with me. 

A few months after that, I had finally gotten my wedding dress and was getting it altered.  I stepped out of the dressing room and while letting the lady make some corrections, I looked down and saw a little girl with golden ringlets and blue eyes staring up at me.  The words of my fiance came back to me and I smiled at her.  I waved and then asked if she wanted to come closer.  She was hiding behind her mom, but when I asked her that, and her eyes grew round and she nodded, slowly moving closer to me.  She got to the tip of my skirt, and stopped.  I smiled bigger as I watched her stare at it.  I then asked her if she wanted to touch it.  She reached out and felt the material with her fingers.  She giggled and ran back to her mom. 

My mom and I laughed and continued with the alterations. Then I heard the little girl ask her mom, “Is she a princess?”

“Yes.” Her mom said with a smile.

“Is she going to live Happily Ever After?” was her next innocent question.

“Yes” her mom answered again with a smile.


I didn’t tell you this story to have you all think that I’m a wonderful person, I told you the two stories to give you examples of how your actions as a bride stay with others.  This is not to add any pressure, if you hate kids, stay away! Haha you have no obligations to anyone if you don’t care what people will think or say about you.  But that occurrence has stayed with me, and I hope that it will stay with the little girl too.  I want every girl to think she is beautiful and important and I will do my best to make them know so!




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