How to be a Briderella: What NOT to do

When my older sister got engaged, we were all so excited. She was the first one of my family to become engaged, (duh, she was the oldest!) and we had already gotten used to not living with us because she had gone to college in a different state for four years, so it was just excitement on our end.  My little sister and I were both asked to be the Maids-of-Honor, but as the months progressed, my family and I discovered how hard it was to be to help plan a wedding from two states away, as well as keep my older sister from blowing her top off.  Granted, she’s a naturally high-strung being, but added stress of a wedding apparently does wonders on multiplying the high-strung-ness. 
Lesson #1 on how NOT to be a Bridezilla: When your friends or family agree to help you with something, and so that thing they promise, don’t freak out if it isn’t perfectly what you want.
My favorite example of this is the Post Card Adventure.  My little sister and I were requested by my older sister to buy postcard stamps for her Save-the-Dates and send them out, so we did.  We went to the post office and asked for postcard stamps, but the only postcard stamps that were offered were stamps that had a Hawaiian T-shirt on it.  My sister and I were going to go somewhere else to try and find different stamps, but the lady said that those were the only ones we would be able to get.  So we bought the stamps and continued to stamp 200+ postcard Save-the-Dates.  Feeling accomplished,  my little sister and I took a photo of ourselves with one of the postcards and sent it to my older sister, saying that we had successfully sent them. 
Very quickly after that, my older sister called me crying.  I was dumbfounded and had no idea what was wrong.  When I was finally able to understand her, I realized that she was freaking out about the Hawaiian stamp!!  She begged me to tell her that we were joking and that those weren’t the stamps we got, I told her that it wasn’t a joke and that those were, in fact, the stamps we bought and used.  I explained to her that they were the only ones offered in Arkansas, but she would not hear of it.  She hung up and called my dad.  My little sister and I laughed at the stupidity of this, but we had no idea what beast we had just unleashed.  My dad called us into the living-room in order to give us a lecture, but we explained AGAIN that that particular stamp was the only one they offered in Arkansas.
While my little sister and I were still trying to figure out what the big deal about it was, my older sister called back, still in tears.  She gave me a mouth-full while saying that I didn’t care about her and was out to get her, and then hung up once again.
By her third phone call, we finally got it “worked out” and hung up on “good terms”.   About three days later my sister called me and said that she had gone to her post office and they had told her that those particular stamps were the only ones offered nation wide.  Although she didn’t apologize for her crazy behavior, she said, “I guess you aren’t out to get me!”, which I still take as a “sorry”- in her own way….

All-in-all, the first lesson I would like to “teach”, is to just take everything like a grain of salt. You’re getting married! This is a wonderful time where your dreams come true!  I promise no one is going to remember the stamp on your announcements (unless of course you’re like my sister and make it the start of a family-feud!)



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