Dare to Move

I believe the most dreaded five words for a bride-to-be to hear are, “The date needs to change”. I heard this four times in my entire engagement period.  It was dreadful.  But I also only know of one person who kept her wedding the same date through the entire thing, and that was my sister.  Wedding dates are prone to change. You think that everything is fine and dandy, and then suddenly BAM, it’s changed.  If you don’t have a date set before you guys become engaged, expect the date to change at least once during your engagement.  And even if you guys have set a date before you got engaged, it can still change.  The important thing to remember, once again, is that you are finally going to be able to marry the man of your dreams!  A few things you can do before you figure out the date, is find a dress- go dress shopping! It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t know the date.  If you go to David’s Bridal, they’ll have you come up with a date, just give them a random one. (Be careful of David’s Bridal though, they give out your information to everyone and anything…) But yes. Go shopping. Dream- never to early for that! Also, chose your colors and theme you want for your wedding! My advice would be to think about it for yourself at first, go to pinterest.com or even theknot.com and find ideas and examples of things that you like. Unless you have extremely supportive friends and families, I wouldn’t show anyone your ideas until you have it all sorted out and have what you KNOW you REALLY want before telling people.  In my experience, I have really supportive friends and a mom, but also a lot of my supportive friends are very opinionated and so even when they said that I should do what I want to, when I would tell them my ideas, they’d shut them down.  So unless you have a backbone or don’t mind the possibility of being portrayed as a bridezilla, I’d suggest find out everything YOU like and then write it all down and then tell your friends and family a little at a time.

"Did you REALLY just move our wedding back?!"

“Did you REALLY just move our wedding back?!”


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