“When’s the wedding??”

Okay, so when I got engaged, a bunch of people would tell me all these things that I have to do first and foremost.  But they all told me something different!  To add to the confusion, I was bombarded with questions on when we were going to get married.  I don’t know about you, but when my fiance and I got engaged, we were planing for one season and it ended up being not until the next year.  But it was about three months after our engagement before we finally picked a date- or year… The date changed once again a few months ago, but it was moved up, so all was good on my side! 😉 I understand, if you are going through this too, how difficult it is to be engaged and not know when the wedding is.  I hated not knowing, and I hated even more the constant reminder of not knowing.  I didn’t feel like I was truly engaged because I didn’t know how serious I was supposed to get to start planing my wedding.  But if possible, I am going to try and encourage you guys (If you are in this boat as I was) to try to make the most of it.  Enjoy the beginnings of your new engagement.  Everyone is excited and happy for you, make the most of that! Show of that ring!  Talk about how he “popped the question” and dream with your friends!  When I first got engaged I was too scared to have people think that that was all I would talk about now (It didn’t help that my roommate at the time was my fiance’s ex-girlfriend and didn’t want to hear any of the plans and ideas.) But the point is, now that I am actually able to start planing my wedding, no one wants to hear about my ideas anymore, because it’s old-news.  I should have taken the chance when I had it and talked the people’s EARS OFF about my wedding.  Believe me, you guys will figure out the date eventually, so just focus mostly on the fun stuff while you wait for the official things to be sorted out.  Remember- HAVE FUN! This is only happening once!


"If I get asked ONE MORE TIME when the wedding is...!"


Life as a Bride-to-be

My name is Brittney Offerman and I am a new Bride-to-be. Well actually, that’s a lie. My fiance and I have been engaged for a little over 11 months, but I now am able to start planing my wedding seriously because we only have 8 months left!
I am super excited because now I am able to start seriously looking for decorations and pricings, not just scouting out ideas for my wedding theme and props. My fiance, Jonathan and I even went and registered during the summer! You guys, it is so much fun! I gave him the register gun and he got to play around and scan stuff while we planned and decided what we liked to start off our new life together.
If you’re engaged, congratulations! We got one!! If you’re already married, congratulations to you too! You have been blessed with a wonderful gift!! Or even just a dreamer (trust me, I was a huge dreamer for years and years and loved this stuff!) congratulations as well! Your future lucky guy is going to be so blessed that you have already started to plan- it helps already having an idea!!
For my blogs, I am going to be posting ideas, experiences and encouragements, as well as funny quotes and photos I find on the internet that I think will lighten the mood. Girls, this is our wedding! It’s supposed to be fun and memorable and OUR day marrying the man of our dreams.  Don’t forget the ultimate goal in all this tulle and lace and party favors and random family you’ve never heard of before being offended that they aren’t at the top of your gust list.  Take back the “power” that has been handed off to random people- enough of “the wedding isn’t really mine, it’s So-and-So’s”- NO. It’s yours, and it’s mine.
I have been a Maid-of-Honor for my sister’s wedding and best friend’s wedding, so I am going to also be posting good ideas, funny experiences that we have been through and helps on how NOT to be a bridezilla (if you’re like me and worried about that) from my point of view. Feel free to comment with your own opinions, ideas or comments.

Let’s get started!

We got one! Now what??

We got one! Now what??